CBD Oil – A Healthy Alternative For All

Even though the use of CBD oil, medicinal or recreational, is not legal in every state of America, there are amazing medicinal benefits of the product. The states that have legalized the product for medicinal use have only made it available on prescription from a professional medical practitioner.

CBD oil used for medicinal purposes comes from the hemp-derivative of the cannabis plant. This derivative has extremely low doses of the psychoactive compound, THC. Therefore, it does not alter one’s state of mind making it safer to use.

An Alternative Solution

There are have been numerous studies conducted worldwide to find exactly what CBD oil can and cannot possibly treat. Findings of these studies have been published in journals such as the United States Journal of Experimental Medicine which publishes medicinal studies and results on a monthly basis. These are the current results of CBD oil treatment:

Chronic Pain

Studies have shown sufferers of persistent pain, caused by tissue inflammation, made use of the oil and reported a significant relief in their physical pain.

Symptom Relief

The frequent use of CBD oil has shown a reduction of symptoms in mood imbalances, anxiety, and sleeplessness.


Patients suffering from the neurological disorder, epilepsy, have shown a positive response when using CBD oil. Studies have shown the frequency of seizures has significantly decreased.


Using CBD oil while undergoing cancer treatment has shown that the oil stops the cancer cells from spreading.

Mental Illness

Successful studies have shown that CBD oil may become a possible new treatment for mental illnesses such as PTSD, social anxiety disorder, and OCD.


Studies are still underway regarding the benefits CBD oil may have on Diabetes Type 1. Previous studies have shown the CBD oil reduces the inflammation in the pancreas. If the studies prove positive, this may be the new alternative treatment for Diabetes Type 1.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

Patients who have used the oil personally or through clinical studies have reported the most common side effects as being drowsiness and appetite changes.

Look after your body the healthier and greener way!

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