• Keeping It Fresh and Fit the Healthy Way

Keeping It Fresh and Fit the Healthy Way

CBD oil helps your body in more ways than one. It aids your fitness, stabilizes your metabolism, and more!

Benefits, Benefits, and More Benefits!

Let’s talk about improving your workouts and your immune system.

How Do You Use CBD Oil?

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Looking After Your Body Naturally

If you have chronic pain, mood imbalances, or anxiety, we’ve got a possible solution for you.

CBD oil is all over the news and media. It’s touted as a cure for specific ailments and as a treatment for others. CBD oil is an essential oil drawn from the hemp plant. It contains no THC so that no one will get high on it. It supports the endocannabinoid system in the body.

Many people only see bottles of oil for sale in stores and on social media. However, there are other ways to use it. Here are the top five ways to use CBD oil.

Eating CBD

Dozens of companies manufacture coffees, teas, gummy bears, cookies, and other sweets containing CBD oil. Some users drop a couple of drops beneath their tongues, while others take supplements. The snag to this is which types of food with which to ingest CBD.

The liver metabolizes CBD differently. The first pass through the body breaks down the CBD into hundreds of metabolites. Not all of these are necessary, so they are expelled.

However, foods with fatty acids are metabolized in the liver into pure energy. Adding CBD oil to the fatty acid foods bypasses the first pass thing. The CBD oil is immediately processed.

These foods include eggs, salmon, Brussels sprouts, avocado, broccoli, walnuts, spinach, canola oil, and soybeans, to name a few. CBD helps with digestion.

Smoking It

The fastest way to get the benefits of CBD to the brain is to inhale it. Studies have shown that CBD reduces anxiety. One study used brain scans after using CBD, showing that anxiety was indeed reduced.

One of the five essential benefits for your health is vaping CBD to alleviate anxiety. CBD vape pens are becoming very popular. They work by heating the CBD oil to the boiling point. Users then inhale the vapor. It then hits the brain in less than 20 seconds.

Topical Use

Bug bites, rashes, injuries, and a dozen other problems benefit from applying CBD oil directly. Achy muscles and painful, inflamed joints are usually the first to see CBD oil in balms or lotions.

The oil is mixed with a carrier oil, one that will soak into the skin, such as coconut oil. It doesn’t get into the bloodstream. It absorbs into the area upon which it is applied.

Supplements And Gums

One hidden way to try CBD is to use supplements or chewing gum. The vegetable-coated capsules are easy to take and can be made with you wherever you go. The glue is flavorful and also easy to take along.


The most direct way to take CBD oil is to drop it under the tongue, called sublingual. Let it rest beneath the language for one to four minutes. It gets into the capillaries and takes the CBD into the bloodstream.

Tinctures come in a syringe. You drop the desired amount either directly into the mouth or onto a spoon and then drip it into the mouth. It can also be cut into smoothies.

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Many people hear about the hype surrounding the use of CBD oil so we’ve created this post to let you in the secret. The truth of the matter is that there are so many benefits to using this oil, you start to wonder what it doesn’t help with.

The Science Behind It

CBD hemp oil is not addictive and also has absolutely no psychoactive effects like the marijuana derivative of cannabis. However, the human body actually has its own cannabinoids called receptors. CBD oil reacts very well with these receptors and the result is an improved immune system, stabilized appetite, and a higher pain threshold.


Believe it or not, hemp-based CBD oil has omega 3’s and 6’s as well as several vitamins and minerals. Naturally, this is wonderful news. Who would have thought an oil would give you all kinds of vitamin B’s, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc, and vitamin C!

If you’re into the regular detox programs for the benefit of your body, CBD oil can actually help you out. It has amino acids that encourage the liver to rid the body of harmful toxins.

Improving Exercise Performance

The frequent consumption of CBD oil enhances one’s physical exercise routines by improving stamina and stimulates cell and tissue regeneration which helps you recover faster after each workout.

Additional Benefits

On top of all these great benefits, the use of CBD oil helps boost your energy levels and stabilizes your metabolism. It also helps to maintain your blood sugar levels which is a big advantage especially if you suffer from diabetes.

As we very well know, the use of this amazing oil has been shown to help reduce social anxiety disorder and the likes. However, it also helps you manage your stress levels by the release of endorphins. Obviously just like the way exercise does except this time you don’t have to break out into a major sweat just to feel that good!

What are you waiting for – go try it out today!

We’ve come up with ten different ways you can use CBD oil and still reap the health benefits too. People who have used the product have often said it has a strong and bitter taste. If you’re looking for various ways to use CBD oil and mask the bitter taste, this is the post for you!

How Do You Mask The Taste?

The various ways in which you can safely ingest CBD oil is through capsules, topical creams, food and drink, tinctures, vaporizing, sprays, chewing gum, hair products, and cigarettes.

#1 – Capsules

Available in soft-gel capsule form, easy to swallow and tasteless. Slow absorption rate as digestive tract does all the work to get it into your system.

#2 – Topical Creams

CBD oil is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory so adding a couple of drops to your body lotion is an awesome way to relieve any aches and pains.

#3 – Protein Shakes

An alternative for those who don’t like swallowing capsules. Use your recommended CBD oil dosage mixed into your favorite protein shake.

#4 – Food

Heating a bit of CBD oil with butter or coconut oil into your favorite baked goodies like brownies is a pretty cool way to enjoy your favorite treat.

#5 – Liquid Tinctures

Glycerin-based CBD oil stored in a glass bottle with a pipette making it easier to put a few drops of oil underneath your tongue.

#6 – Vaporizing

A quick way to get your fix using an e-leaf to vape CBD oil. Vaporizing heats the oil as opposed to smoking which burns the product.

#7 – Spray

Similar to the tinctures concept except you’re spraying the liquid under your tongue.

#8 – Chewing Gum

Yes, you can get a CBD oil infused gum which you chew after a meal.

#9 – Hair Products

CBD oil shampoos and conditioners are available on the market. These products rejuvenate your hair and restore the shine.

#10 – Cigarettes

You can also line cigarettes with a smear of CBD oil.

How much easier is ingestion now?

Even though the use of CBD oil, medicinal or recreational, is not legal in every state of America, there are amazing medicinal benefits of the product. The states that have legalized the product for medicinal use have only made it available on prescription from a professional medical practitioner.

CBD oil used for medicinal purposes comes from the hemp-derivative of the cannabis plant. This derivative has extremely low doses of the psychoactive compound, THC. Therefore, it does not alter one’s state of mind making it safer to use.

An Alternative Solution

There are have been numerous studies conducted worldwide to find exactly what CBD oil can and cannot possibly treat. Findings of these studies have been published in journals such as the United States Journal of Experimental Medicine which publishes medicinal studies and results on a monthly basis. These are the current results of CBD oil treatment:

Chronic Pain

Studies have shown sufferers of persistent pain, caused by tissue inflammation, made use of the oil and reported a significant relief in their physical pain.

Symptom Relief

The frequent use of CBD oil has shown a reduction of symptoms in mood imbalances, anxiety, and sleeplessness.


Patients suffering from the neurological disorder, epilepsy, have shown a positive response when using CBD oil. Studies have shown the frequency of seizures has significantly decreased.


Using CBD oil while undergoing cancer treatment has shown that the oil stops the cancer cells from spreading.

Mental Illness

Successful studies have shown that CBD oil may become a possible new treatment for mental illnesses such as PTSD, social anxiety disorder, and OCD.


Studies are still underway regarding the benefits CBD oil may have on Diabetes Type 1. Previous studies have shown the CBD oil reduces the inflammation in the pancreas. If the studies prove positive, this may be the new alternative treatment for Diabetes Type 1.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

Patients who have used the oil personally or through clinical studies have reported the most common side effects as being drowsiness and appetite changes.

Look after your body the healthier and greener way!

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